CMSC’s Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision for CMSC

To contribute to a more compassionate world through cultivating deep understanding and personal practice of self-compassion.

Our Mission:

To be a vibrant center for the learning, teaching and practice of self-compassion through:

  • Offering MSC and adaptations in an effective, accessible, flexible and affordable manner to the widest range of participants
  • Providing resources and opportunities to the public for learning and practicing self-compassion
  • Developing innovative approaches to MSC teacher training
  • Providing quality continuing education, personal development opportunities, and general resources for MSC teachers
  • Maintaining high standards for MSC teachers
  • Fostering a professional community of teachers supporting teachers
  • Supporting scientific research to enhance our understanding of MSC and self-compassion more generally
  • Fostering an online community to encompass those new to self-compassion practice, graduates of MSC programs and teachers of MSC

Our Values:

  • We believe that mindfulness and self-compassion are basic human capacities that can be cultivated to support well-being and reduce suffering
  • CMSC is committed to maintaining the quality of MSC itself and to the training of competent MSC teachers
  • We believe that the foundation for effective teaching of MSC is the teacher’s regular personal practice of mindfulness and self-compassion in daily life
  • CMSC is committed to grounding itself in current scientific understandings of mindfulness and self-compassion
  • CMSC is committed to promoting mindfulness and self-compassion to cultivate an inclusive, caring and multi-cultural community that allows individuals to thrive