Application for Live Online MSC Exemption

There are several pre-requisites for MSC Teacher Training, one of which is to complete an MSC course, in the 8-week or Intensive format. Typically this cannot be substituted for the Live Online MSC, even if there is no course available locally to you. However, there are some special circumstances where Live Online MSC may be accepted. We will consider an exception where: 

  • There is no 5-day intensive or 8-week MSC course in your local area, and:
    • you have substantial in-person course experience in some kind of contemplative training, and
    • you have substantial personal mindfulness and self-compassion practice experience already, and
    • you have some experience teaching mindfulness and/or compassion;

If the conditions described above apply to you and you have the following extenuating circumstances, you may apply for an exemption: 

  • physical health issues that prevent you from traveling to an intensive 5-day or an 8-week in-person MSC course, or;
  • caregiving responsibilities where you are the primary caregiver (eg single parent, sole carer for an elderly parent) and have no available replacement, or;
  • significant financial hardships preventing you from traveling to an intensive MSC course if no local in-person course is available.

Please note that simply having a very busy or full schedule is not, in and of itself, an eligible reason for having the requirement waived. Nor will the requirement be waived solely because you are over-scheduled or over-extended.

If you would like to be considered as eligible, based on the above, please complete the application for an exemption below.

If we are able to grant you an exception, you will need to attend at least eight of the ten live LOMSC sessions. Completing LOMSC asynchronously (i.e. by watching the recorded sessions after class) does not satisfy the MSC Teacher Training pre-requisite. 

PLEASE NOTE: Being granted the exemption for LOMSC does not guarantee that you will be accepted into teacher training. All of the teacher training prerequisites must still be met.  

Application Form for LOMSC Exemption