MSC Teacher Bulletin

June 9, 2020

Building a Brave Space in MSC

By Dr. Steve Hickman
CMSC Executive Director

I was touched today upon reading this beautiful poem by Micky ScottBey Jones, and it inspired me to reflect on how we might be sure our MSC teaching spaces are […]...

March 26, 2020

Loving Others Without Losing Ourselves as MSC Teachers

By Dr. Steve Hickman
CMSC Executive Director

As we support our participants during the COVID-19 pandemic, our key guiding principle as teachers is empowerment. Our role is to help participants restore a kind of “inner authority.” We […]...

February 28, 2020

5 Myths of Self-Compassion

By Dr. Kristin Neff
CMSC Co-Founder

For many, "self-compassion" carries the whiff of all those other bad “self” terms: self-pity, self-serving, self-indulgent, self-centered, just plain selfish. Generations removed from Puritan times, we still seem to believe that if we aren’t pu...

February 27, 2020

Chapter 9: Engaging in Inquiry

By Center For Mindful Self-Compassion

Teachers can focus on three components of inquiry, which we refer to in MSC as the “three R’s,” as a guide for how to engage in inquiry. Radical acceptance is the overall attitude of the inquiry process; resonance is the primary mode of engagem...

February 3, 2020

Embracing Diversity and Social Justice Work in Teaching MSC: Introduction to the Series

By Admin

An introduction to a series on DEI issues that we hope to explore and share with you in the year ahead. Our deepening intimacy through conversation provided us with fertile ground to unpack how the forces of oppression and privilege have impacted us ...