MSC Teacher Bulletin

April 6, 2021

United Kingdom (UK) MSC Teachers Community

By Ali Lambie

It feels timely during this time of the pandemic to raise awareness that we have a rich and growing community of MSC teachers in the UK. We are a community […]...

April 6, 2021

Planting Seeds of Compassion in Israel

By Galia Tyano Ronen

In my home country of Israel, as we watched the COVID virus touch so many families and friends, a group of women friends and I created a new compassion program to help our community cultivate inner peace. We called it "Planting Seeds of Compassion" a...

April 6, 2021

Australasia MSC Teacher 2021 Lunar New Year Meet & Greet

By Yuka Ebihara

More than 120 MSC Teachers in Asia and Oceania gathered together to mark the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Ox with Chris and Kristin. Our first CMSC Lunar New Year Meet and Greet was organized to facilitate communication and network buildi...

January 5, 2021

MSC in Vietnam: "Saving the World" by Letting Go

By Ha Tran

Letting go gave me just enough space to realize that love and wisdom, which were the essence of what we were teaching, were a circular flow, rather than unidirectional from me to the participants. That this essence was already the nature of all being...

September 3, 2020

The Near and Far Enemies of Fierce Compassion

By Dr. Chris Germer
CMSC Co-Founder

Practitioners of compassion inevitably ask, “What specific actions should I take?” to address injustice in their lives. Cultivating the qualities of mindfulness, common humanity and kindness is a good foundation for compassionate action, and when...