Memorandum of Understanding
for those who are given access to the electronic version of the Teacher Guide for the purpose of translation

The following agreement is for the purposes of specifying the terms and conditions of the sharing of an electronic version of the MSC Teacher Guide (TG) for the purposes of translation. This agreement is between the Center for Mindful Self Compassion (CMSC) and the undersigned individual referred to as the Document Recipient.

CMSC and the recipient agree that:

  • This electronic document is provided solely for the purposes of translation into the language specified below and may not be shared with anyone not named in this agreement or used for any other purpose than translation.
  • Custody of the electronic document is given solely to the Document Recipient, who, by signing this agreement, agrees to the terms of conditions of this memorandum.
  • Only TGs translated into languages in which CMSC conducts teacher training, will be considered to be “official” versions available through CMSC and carry the CMSC logo. All other translations will be identified on the cover as “Unofficial Local Translation Approved but Not Endorsed by the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion” and may not carry the CMSC logo.
  • The translated document should include all copyright and trademark language from the original TG, making it clear that the content (and the translation) is the sole property of CMSC and Chris Germer and Kristin Neff.
  • The translator for the “Official TG” shall either be a translation qualified Teacher Trainer or a professional translator designated by the Teacher Trainers. The supervision ideally should be a cost apart from the Teacher Trainer honorarium.
  • The local translation (Official & Unofficial) has to be endorsed by the local Teacher Trainers.
  • Whenever possible, “unofficial translations” must a) be translated by Certified or at least Trained Teachers of MSC, and b) reviewed and endorsed by the local Teacher Trainers.
  • Other volunteers who want to contribute to translations on any related MSC training (the SCHC, the Short Course in MSC, MFY etc.) must be in advance of starting their work approved and coordinated by the local Teacher Trainers (Official TG) and for both Official and Unofficial Languages also in advance receive approval from CMSC in order to coordinate efforts and guarantee highest quality and efficiency of work.
  • All translated documents shall be sent to CMSC as a Google Document to Markus to store a copy of the latest approved version on the new Google Drive (no more Dropbox).