Considerations for MSC Teachers

Considerations for MSC Teachers

The MSC Teacher Training program is designed to develop teachers of MSC in the 8-week format. CMSC recommends that only Certified MSC Teachers teach the program in an intensive format. Whenever possible, new teachers should co-teach or consult with more experienced instructors. The Center for MSC has a structure for teacher trainees and trained teachers to network and provide collaboration, consultation, and support.

MSC is ideally led by two trained teachers. This model provides a safe, supportive environment for teachers to deliver course content, monitor group process, and meet the needs of individual participants. Groups with fewer than 12 members may only require one teacher.

MSC was developed for the general public and is not group therapy – it’s a resource-building program. Nonetheless, self-compassion can sometimes activate strong emotions, including emotional distress that has lingered since childhood. We therefore recommend that if neither of the instructors have mental health training, they consider inviting a clinician to participate as an assistant or an engaged observer. We realize that some groups have members with relatively minor emotional needs, so please use good judgment regarding what is needed to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for everyone, including yourself.

Participants who take MSC for professional development are encouraged to engage in the program primarily for personal growth.  MSC is experiential learning and personal experience with the practice is the best training for professional application. Teachers may add an additional session to the MSC program to address professional issues.

Self-compassion thrives in an environment of safety, support, privacy, individual responsibility, and a common commitment to presence and compassion. Self-compassion practice should also be easy and enjoyable. MSC teachers are dedicated, first and foremost, to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for their students.

Upon completion of the MSC Teacher Training, participants receive a single Certificate of Attendance from the host organization and the Center for MSC stating that he or she has attended the TT in its entirety and can start teaching MSC as a Teacher-in-Training.

What You May Say After Completing Teacher Training

Upon completion of the TT and receipt of the Certificate of Attendance, teachers may state publicly that they “completed MSC Teacher Training program with [teachers]” but we ask that teachers not simply state that they were “trained by” those particular teachers because it suggests a more personal collaboration.

"The MSC trainings have softened my inner critic and strengthened my inner champion. I am less anxious about imperfection, and celebrate vulnerability as a strength to meet challenges with courage, to deepen my capacity for joy. The best part is I get to embody it and humbly offer it to others as an MSC Teacher!"