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12-Week Live Online MSC Teacher Training (LOTT-18)

David Spound and Mila De Koning

March 11, 2022 - May 23, 2022

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MSC Live Online Teacher Training is a 12-week online program built around the eight weekly sessions of the standard 8-Week MSC course, and facilitated by a team of senior MSC teachers. The training offers participants the flexibility of participating online from many different geographical locations and also reduces the costs associated with travel, making it a more affordable option than in-person programs. Our online format provides a more intimate, personalized experience, allowing participants to embrace the full MSC program for a second time, followed by weekly teachback sessions. Because this program spans over a period of 12 weeks, it provides more contact between trainees and trainers, with more opportunity to develop supportive relationships with peers. Between weekly sessions, there is time for preparation, review of reading materials, and deepening one’s personal MSC practice, along with the opportunity for cohort members to connect through the online platform of the MSC Teacher Café, with a private space dedicated to the cohort for mutual support, encouragement and camaraderie.

This course will run from: March 11 to May 23, 2022 at 15:00 UTC on Fridays & Mondays
Live Online Teacher Trainers: David Spound & Mila De Koning
Program Online MSC Teachers: Helle Laursen & Aimee Eckhardt

Please note, this online training is the first step in a three-step process towards becoming a fully trained MSC teacher authorized to teach the 8-week MSC course. For more information about the MSC teacher training pathway, including pre-requisites and stages of training, please view this page on Becoming an MSC Teacher.

More information to come. Registration opening soon!

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March 11, 2022
May 23, 2022


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