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2-Day Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop

Chris Germer and Elke Smeets

October 8, 2018 - October 9, 2018

| €375

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Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer are pioneers in the scientific development of Self-Compassion. They have their respective experience together in the empirically-supported Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program and are providing a series of in-depth opportunities for people to immerse themselves in some of the 8-week programs core skills in an intensive 2-day format.

Self-Compassion is the emotional attitude of bringing kindness to ourselves when things go wrong in our lives. Most of us can offer kindness to our friends and families when they’re struggling, but it’s not so easy to do when we ourselves struggle. Self-Compassion is directed towards the one who is suffering and encourages the fundamental question of “What do I need?” By recognizing that difficulty is here (mindfulness), that it is a part of every human life (common humanity), and offering ourselves a compassionate response, we can develop healthy and enduring patterns to all the circumstances of life.

Self-Compassion: How to learn it

Self-Compassion can be learned by anyone, including those who do not receive enough affection in childhood or who find it embarrassing to be kind to oneself. It’s a courageous mental attitude that stands up to harm, including the discomfort that we unwittingly inflict on ourselves through self-criticism, self-isolation, and self-rumination when things go wrong. Self-compassion provides emotional strength and resilience, allowing us to admit our shortcomings, forgive ourselves, and respond to ourselves and others with care and respect, and be fully human.

After participating in this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Practice self-compassion in daily life
  • Understand the science of self-compassion
  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease
  • Manage caregiver fatigue
  • Practice the art of savoring and self-appreciation
  • Teach simple self-compassion exercises to clients

Additional evening programming
We offer yoga and mindful walking after the workshops. And of course, also relaxation nights to do something about the value: Amuse yourself!

There are also many times when you get the chance to look for colleagues to put together an intervision group, either with colleagues from your region or with therapists who mainly work with a specific target group in the field. In this way, we hope that you can make useful contacts to stimulate cooperation and consultation!

Overnight and breakfast
Overnight and breakfast can be done on the site for a very reasonable price. It makes the experience of the workshop so special. We can only recommend it warmly. More info can be found at the registration link.



October 8, 2018
October 9, 2018