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8-Session Making Friends with Yourself Online (Pre-Teen and Teen – Ages11-13) Thurs. October 29, 2020 – December 17, 2020 (7:00 – 8:30 P.M. EDT) (6:00 – 7:30 Central)

Eileen Beltzner and Macy Ratliff

October 29, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - December 17, 2020 @ 8:30 pm

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Upcoming Making Friends with Yourself (MSC-T) Online
Program for Pre-Teens & Teens 11-13
MSC-T Teachers: Eileen Beltzner and Macy Ratliff
Thursday Evenings starting at 6:00 EDT / 7:30 Central
October 29, 2020 – and on December 17, 2020 @ 7:00 P.M. – 830 P. M. EDT and 6:00 – 7:30 Central

Making Friends with Yourself (MSC-T) – Online Program
In the midst of this uncertainty, Macy and I are grateful for many things, including living in a time when technology allows us to maintain connection. For the foreseeable future, we will be teaching MSC-T online. Online classes present unique challenges, so we will be working with you and your pre-teen or teen to share mindful self-compassion with in the safest, most responsible way possible.
Macy and I taught the MSC-T 8-session program online (April 6 – April 29, 2020) with Karen Bluth Ph.D., Co-founder of MSC-T and this past summer taught the MSC-T program again. Some parents ask if MSC-T is more for girls than boys. In the summer class we had more boys than girls and I think that answers the question. All the teens and pre-teens were very appreciative of everything they learned and experienced. These are the words they had to say were their takeaways:
Summer Class: 2020
“It was cool, the boiled egg is so much like our emotions… like your anger comes from somewhere else… it is not just anger … anger has other feelings behind it.”
“I feel things and others feel that way too.”
“Became aware of the harsh inner critic.”
“Mindful eating practice and lots of great practices I can use to help with stress.”
“I’m not the only person who feels rejected by someone.”
“Sometimes our flaw is our greatest strength.”
“It’s ok if you are imperfect.
“Noticing or being aware of the harsh inner critic.”
“It’s ok if you are imperfect. Imperfections make you special and set you apart.”

The MSC-T Program in a Nutshell
As in the adult program, this adapted version brings together both mindfulness and self-compassion to do its magic. Such a combination cultivates both the skill of self-awareness as well as tools that teach teens how to respond to themselves with both kindness and compassion when they make a mistake, think they don’t belong or fail to reach the goals set by themselves or by others. Contrary to popular opinion, harsh self-criticism does not increase motivation; it undermines it. Research shows treating oneself as you would treat a good friend when hard things happen increases a person’s motivation to do better, change unhealthy behaviours or to reach out for help when low mood or anxiousness show up.
Skills taught and practices experienced in MSC-T build sturdy scaffolding that will not blow down while the young person’s brain is still under construction. MSC-T training will support the young person in weathering-well this necessary decade of human development as well as give them a solid foundation on which to stand to face the many unique challenges of the 21stcentury.
Developmentally appropriate activities and practices using art, movement, music, videos and fun are all a part of the eight-week, 1.5 hour – once a week online program. Small and large group discussions make up part of the learning experience; speaking is not required until the young person feels safe and comfortable enough to do so.


October 29, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
December 17, 2020 @ 8:30 pm


Eileen Beltzner
Macy Ratliff
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