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Heal Emotional Pain and De-Armour Your Being - A deep dive into Somatic Self-Compassion, Santa Cruz , CA , United States

Catarina Ahlvik-Garrison

March 19, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Everything that has ever happened to us that we weren’t able to process at the time stays in our bodies as tension or numbness. Somatic Self-Compassion offers gentle, yet powerful techniques that help our bodies and our beings soften and release old pain.

Join this candle-light healing container!

This evening you will learn the key technique for releasing emotional pain with somatic self-compassion and gentle self-touch. This is a deeply experiential workshop and we spend most of the evening doing different kinds of somatic meditations and self-compassion practices.

Why is self-compassion a key ingredient in de-armouring?

Self-compassion addresses the quality of our inner space and allows us to get at tensions and pain from an inner embodied awareness. Often when there is emotional pain which creates tension in our body, this tension becomes very complex as the original emotional wound can be layered with resistance, avoidance, fear, guilt and shame.

The somatic-self compassion practices help us create a safe inner container which allows our nervous system to relax, so that we gently, softly and slowly can approach our pain one layer at a time. This process allows us to be present to and witness our bodies open up at its own peace.

What to bring?

Most of the practices we will be doing laying down. Please bring your yoga-mat, if you have a softer yoga mat, that might be more comfortable for your back. You can also bring a blanket to put on top of the yoga mat to make it softer. We have blankets at the studio, but you could also bring your own to build your own energetic container. Also feel free to bring a pillow to support your neck and head.


Santa Cruz Yoga
402 Ingalls St #11
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 United States
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