LOMSC Testimonials

“This course is life changing and I loved every moment of it. It’s like a box of lifelong, loving tools.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Alejandra Gonzalez

“In 10 weeks, I went from believing I had little or no value to sharing this with everyone I love.”

At first it just might seem like another waste of money, too touchy-feely, and I couldn’t admit to another failure if it didn’t work out. As the weeks progressed, I began to understand how much I had been stuffing pain and believing lies. I finally started to relax and learn the importance of validating and identifying my emotions, looking for the basic unmet need, understanding that everyone suffers and wants to be loved and finally asking myself, What did I need just now?  In 10 weeks, I went from believing I had little or no value to sharing this with everyone I love. I will be participating in a follow-up group because I need the reinforcement, I need to hear from others, and I need to share what I’m learning.

– Christiane B

“I can’t express enough how this course has changed my life and the way I can relate now with myself. It has been life changing and heart opening.”

My teacher was fully committed, and we could all feel her in every teaching session. For sure I wish to continue on this road. I am deeply grateful for all the people who made it possible. <3 

– Anonymous

This is my first time doing and online course and it was truly wonderful. The content is really good and our facilitator was a gem.


True self-compassion is just what I have needed. I guess I just wanted you to know how powerfully transformative I am finding this. 


The MSC course has transformed the way I treat myself and as a result, treat others.

I am kinder, more accepting, more mindful and compassionate. And, I look forward to continuing to incorporate these life altering skills into my everyday life.


I found myself empowered to be my best friend,

and really reframed the previous day’s experience in felt and meaningful way. I was amazed by how much the class experience propelled my practice.


I found this course hugely valuable on both a personal and a professional level.

I really took a deep dive in, absorbing all the supporting material and reading. It has been transformative. We were expertly guided and supported by the wonderful Christine Grace McMulkin and I couldn’t rate her more highly. She truly embodies the practice. Anyone who is guided by her in future courses is very lucky indeed. Warm thanks and appreciation to everyone who makes this course happen.

– Anonymous

In the past ten weeks, I have connected to my reality and truth with self-acceptance that is truly transformational. I did not become a different person. I became myself.

I have perspective and tools from this course that will enable navigating life’s journey with more intention, equanimity, and acceptance. I have accomplished and grown beyond anything that I expected.


Without this online access for MSC, there was no other reasonable way of accessing and experiencing this course for me in South Africa.

It turned out to be a crucial tipping point of my mindfulness practice. I thought I knew what it was all about, not realising how I would break open to my truest self. Please know that you truly saved me… 

-June Bellamy