MSC Circles of Practice

Weekly online practice groups

What is it all about? MSC is a heartfelt, nurturing course, enriched by its emphasis on the shared experience among participants and it has become a truly international programme. Connection is an important part, which is facilitated during the course but what happens when the course is over? What support is available for a continued practice? Are there others who have taken part in MSC who would like to continue with their practice, be they close by and abroad? These questions prompted the conception of the MSC Circles of Practice… The MSC Circles of Practice is an invitation to come together from all over the world with like-minded individuals who have completed an MSC Course (usually 8 weeks), MSC Intensive (5 days) or Live Online MSC (LOMSC).

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You might find it challenging at times to maintain a regular self-compassion practice or to include yourself in the circle of compassion after the course, or simply just enjoy practicing with others. The MSC Circles of Practice wants to support you in your intention! The MSC Circles of Practice offers an opportunity to take part and reflect on the direct experience of a self-compassion practice in an easily accessible space online, on a weekly basis, as time permits, – and within a supportive community. Practical details:

  • The MSC Circles of Practice is a weekly, donation-based, online practice group offered by the Center for Mindful Self Compassion. We ask participants for a voluntary donation of $10 (US) per session but invite anyone whose application has been accepted can attend, regardless of ability to pay.
  • All participants must have completed a full Mindful Self-Compassion course, either in the 8-week, 5-day intensive or Live Online MSC form. (2-day workshops are only introductory and do not qualify you for attendance). See the Course Directory to locate a full MSC course near you.
  • Each session will be an hour and will be facilitated by highly experienced and/or Certified MSC teachers from around the globe.
  • A session will consist of a practice and optional sharing about the direct experiences arising from the practice.

The Circles of Practice program is currently undergoing a reorganization and upgrade and will emerge from its hiatus in September 2017.  You can register to attend online here. Once your application has been processed we will let you know how to join the session. For inquiries please contact the Circles of Practice Coordinator at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Session Meeting Times:


1500 UTC/GMT • 8 am Pacific • 11 am Eastern

Tuesdays (3 options)

7:30am UTC • 12:30am PST • 7:30am GMT
1400 UTC/GMT • 7 am Pacific • 10 am Eastern
1500 UTC/GMT • 8 am Pacific • 11 am Eastern

Fridays (2 options)

1000 UTC/GMT • 3 am Pacific • 6 am Eastern
1500 UTC/GMT • 8 am Pacific • 11 am Eastern

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