CDP Graduate Perspectives

“Self-compassion is a new normal. It’s a touchstone. It’s totally changed my life. I don’t go out the door without this kinder, gentler life. I wake up with it. I don’t have any intention of going back to some of those well-worn paths of thinking, which are now strange to me.”


How was your self-compassion practice impacted by your experience in the CDP?

    • It feels like self compassion is now a go to perspective versus something that I have to remember to do.
    • I was practicing daily, but in isolation. This community of practice (common humanity!) with such depth and over so much time definitely rewired my lovely human body in terms of tolerating all the things that come and meeting them with kindness both within our mob and out in the greater world. I appreciated the expansion of my practice to include readings, blog posts, videos, books and the music. Oh, the music! My self-compassion practice has extended across my day and I have more in my tool box for the tough times.
    • I have gradually eased away from needing the level of self-compassion for difficult moments as I seem to have fewer difficult moments. I have a deeper sense of ease available walking through the world.
    • The class also gave me the opportunity to deeply sit with definitions and connotations of words so often used in life and/or in MSC. Words like kindness, compassion, happiness, backdraft, forgiveness, and resistance. It’s easy to assume that we know the meaning of each of these words, but, this class gave me the time that I needed to truly explore how I define them, how my family members may have defined them, and the chasm between our definitions.
I’m an avid reader on personal journey work, I have a well established personal mediation practice. I belong to groups where a lot of personal deep sharing takes place. Due to the quality of the material and the depth of the presenters, the CDP took me to a far deeper level in my personal journey. For me it was invaluable for my private life and professional work.
  • I am so, so grateful for the CDP. With the warm, loving guidance of the teachers and the generosity and wisdom of my classmates, the CDP helped me take my understanding of self-compassion from theory to an integrated part of my life.
  • The CDP is a wonderful challenge on the self-compassion journey. You get excited every week because you’ll meet these wonderful teachers and all your classmates, that shower you with kindness, generosity and compassion. You get to see yourself as human as all others. You feel deeply connected, through the wonder, awe, peace and serenity, and also through hardship and suffering. You’ll also have wonderful guest teachers that will rekindle your joy of learning. And every day, you’ll feel grateful for all these amazing beings and the chance you’ve been given to be there for you, no matter what.
  • I think we may need another even deeper level of CDP where we take yet a month to go into each week of the CDP ;)| 
  • It was truly a safe space and supported the development of a real sense of community.


What advice would you offer to new people joining the CDP?

  • Be prepared to work hard, cry hard, open your heart, participate as much as you can.
  • Jump right in!
  • All situations are cared for. I have learned so much from your approach. I would say to newcomers, “Don’t worry, all are welcome and valued here.”
  • This wonderful program is WORK! If you really want to gain the most from it, participate, do the homework and face your backdraft! It can be painful yet so worth it. 
  • I found attending class regardless of my mood I was always uplifted afterwards. I also recognized that help was always available if that was warranted.
  • Bring curiosity and trust in yourself to this experience, ask more questions, know that you have the rest of your life to explore the readings/resources, enjoy this life changing experience!
  • I would encourage myself (or a future participant) to set aside a good chunk of time and expect to be changed!
  • Show up every week, even when it’s hard and all you want to do is give yourself a break. Show up anyway. You will not regret it.
  • Take a risk. Be vulnerable. There is something powerful in having people resonate with your story.
  • Yes, it’s a big commitment. Yes, it’s hard to devote two hours a week for eight months. Yes, you have a lot of other things you could be doing right now. Remind yourself that this is a gift you’re giving yourself and it won’t be an opportunity you get a second time.
  • You will get out of this what you put into it. When your brain wanders, get back in the game.


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