MSC Expands to the Middle East to Ease Barriers to Self-Compassion Training

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In an effort to provide greater access to self-compassion training across the globe, CMSC is pleased to announce one of the first MSC Intensives in the Middle East. Konya, Turkey — also known as the historic “City of Rumi” —  will provide a rich and beautiful backdrop for the four-day MSC intensive.

Many in the Middle East are prevented from accessing training by the difficulty of securing visas to Western countries, and financial resources can be extremely limited. By offering MSC in countries like Turkey (and eventually, India), we are hoping to make it easier for people in places like Iran to access training.

Iranian mental health professionals have been exposed to mindfulness through MBSR training held at Atieh General Hospital by Amir Imani and other qualified MBSR teachers for the past 15 years. But there is no such resource yet available for MSC. By offering trainings in the Middle East, it is CMSC’s intention to ease some of these barriers that prevent professionals from learning the skills needed to teach MSC to others. Ultimately, we envision the development of a group of qualified MSC teachers in Iran and beyond.

In order to make this training possible and support the spread of MSC to the Middle East, the organizers will need to bolster the numbers of participants to ensure that we can successfully facilitate this training. CMSC hopes you will consider attending or sharing this announcement with friends or colleagues.

Logistics for Konya, Turkey MSC Intensive

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Dates: May 28 – June 2, 2019

Location: Participants will be staying at the beautiful Dergah Hotel in central Konya, Turkey. Maryam, the local host, will take care of all practicalities during the stay.

Helle Laursen
Amir Imani

Teachers: Helle Laursen, Certified MSC Teacher, will be assisted by Amir Imani, Senior MBSR teacher. Amir has been conducting MBSR programs as well as MBSR Teacher Training in Konya and Iran for 15 years, and he has been actively working to introduce mindfulness and compassion-based approaches to Iranian public and health professionals. Helle is based in Denmark and has years of experience practicing compassion and supporting others through her extensive coaching and teaching work. 

Unique opportunities: By participating, participants can look forward to a rich MSC intensive in the beautiful and historical settings of Konya, as well as being part of enlarging the cultural diversity of MSC practitioners and coming MSC teachers. 

To learn more, you may contact Amir or Helle directly via email:

Amir Imani:

Helle Laursen:

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Helle Laursen

Certified Teacher

Helle Laursen is a Certified MSC Teacher, a Heartfulness meditation Trainer, and has a private practice in Silkeborg, Denmark, with 15 + years of experience in supporting people on sick leave due to mental health issues. For more than 20 years she has been a dedicated student of Heartfulness meditation and enjoys regular visits to Ashrams, to deepen her own practice and understanding.
After completing her M.A., she became a ICF certified coach, and had a position of Leading Mentor Coach in the largest Coch Training Institue in Denmark, for 10 + years, as well as holding a position of Head of Project for a regional based 12 week program for t...Read More

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