Opportunities for Continuing MSC Study

Developing self-compassion requires an ongoing commitment to self-inquiry and consistent practice. Doing this enriching work in community is particularly helpful because of the power of common humanity that arises when we learn together. To support you in deepening your self-compassion skills, we offer the following training and practice opportunities beyond the foundational MSC course:

Circles of Practice (online practice sessions, six times weekly, synchronous meetings)

The Circles of Practice are hourlong practice sessions freely available to those who have completed the full MSC course (either 8-week, 5-day intensive or live online). The sessions are guided by an experienced MSC Teacher and include a range of practice, exercises, discussions amongst a group of grads from around the world. Donation based.

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Community for Deepening Practice (8-month online course, weekly synchronous classes)

This unique course provides a long-term opportunity for participants to re-engage deeply with the MSC curriculum and practices. This more slowly paced, spiral learning approach allows participants to savor the MSC practices anew as a way to consciously embody, expand, and deepen their learning, in community with others from around the world.

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Compassion-Based Residential Retreats (In person, variety of durations)

MSC teachers offer a host of meditation retreats across the globe and in multiple languages for those who wish to deepen their self-compassion practice in an immersive, supportive environment. Some of these retreats (as indicated on each listing) are qualifying pre-requisites for the MSC Teacher Training.

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