If not compassion now then when?

We need you today! CMSC depends on generous donors for 35% of its annual revenue. To meet our annual budget and to keep up with global interest in self-compassion, we must reach out to foundations, to forward-thinking companies, and to friends just like you.

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The work of dedicated self-compassion practitioners and teachers around the world is only possible through your support of the Center for MSC.

  • We are teaching in 24 countries and 12 languages. Tens of thousands of people have taken the MSC course and are practicing MSC, bringing the qualities of loving, connected presence into their lives and communities. And more than 2,800 people worldwide have also completed MSC Teacher Training.
  • Self-compassion research and training projects are moving forward. For example, new research into brief interventions for healthcare providers was completed in 2018 and is now ongoing. Mindful Self-Compassion for Teens (formerly Making Friends with Yourself), the self-compassion program for teens, expanded its reach through its first year of teacher training, launching nearly 100 new teachers worldwide. The brain scans of participants in the “Self-Compassion for Chronic Pain Study” are currently being analyzed, and MSC has been successfully adapted to support people living with diabetes. Other projects, like clinical adaptations of MSC and MSC for the business community, are in process.
  • We are disseminating information about self-compassion through online initiatives and published works. For example, in our collaboration with online content provider Sounds True, over 213,000 people viewed promotional videos and information related to the Power of Self-Compassion course and over 50 certified MSC teachers are serving as mentors in that course. We are continually adding important new information, including meditation downloads, to our CMSC website. A workbook and a textbook on MSC, both co-authored by Kristin and Chris was published by Guilford Press.
  • We are building partnerships in underserved areas around the world with an aim of bringing MSC where it may be needed most. In 2018, CMSC offered two “Globally-Engaged Intensives”, one in Vietnam and one in Kenya, where amazing local partner service and counseling agencies were able to send their team to the program for little to no cost. The long-term goal of this project is to extend the reach of CMSC and create opportunities for self-compassion to flourish in all corners of the globe; five new MSC teachers have come from these two locations.
      Members of the CMSC International Advisory Council at their first meeting in Amsterdam this summer. Senior MSC teachers and leaders from the Netherlands, Germany, the US, Switzerland, Spain, China, South Korea and Australia were in attendance.


  • In 2022, CMSC will continue its focus on linking up the worldwide community of people who want to learn and practice self-compassion through its online platforms and MSC teacher-led national and local communities. After successfully pivoting in March, 2020 from in-person programs to online programs due to the worldwide pandemic shutdown, the CMSC Team continues to innovate and expand its reach in new and creative ways.
  • We are especially determined to bring self-compassion training to vulnerable populations, especially by supporting projects in addiction recovery, refugee populations, prisons, trauma-sensitive compassion training, and more. Through strategic collaborations with people like you, and with new service partners and media outreach, we hope to enhance cultural awareness about the potential of self-compassion for emotional resilience and to promote thoughtful social change.
  • Fortunately, a dedicated team of volunteer MSC teachers and practitioners have accomplished many important functions for CMSC over the past few years, including translating materials into multiple languages, building supportive communities, and mentoring new teachers and practitioners. But volunteers only get CMSC so far, and we need financial resources and professional support to meet the needs and dreams of our worldwide community.

We need you today! CMSC depends on generous donors for 35% of its annual revenue. To meet our annual budget and to keep up with global interest in self-compassion, we must reach out to foundations, to forward-thinking companies, and to friends just like you for grants, gifts and monthly donations.

We are deeply grateful for your ongoing commitment to sharing the gift of self-compassion with others, and we thank you for giving as generously as you can to the good work of CMSC.


Steven Hickman, Psy.D.

Your support at every level contributes to greater understanding and service toward self-compassion in the world!
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