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Here you can access all the official CMSC teaching materials and additional resources to support you in teaching MSC.

Essential Teaching Materials

Please follow this link to purchase the Teacher Guide in English, German, Spanish and Dutch. 


Here are the current versions:

English – released January 2019

German (Deutsch) – released October 2018 (= English version of 10-2017)

Dutch (Nederlands) – released March 2017 (= English version of 9-2016)

Spanish (Espanol) – released March 2018 (= English version of 10-2017)


The most current version of the Teacher Guide is the English January 2019 edition. 

The basic structure of the MSC program, including the topics, practices and exercises, and the sequence of these components, has remained that same as the old 2017 edition. However, there are many changes to the wording of all these components to make the program easier to teach and easier for students to understand precisely what we are doing and why. We therefore recommend that you buy the new TG if you are teaching MSC. It is always sold for the cost of printing and shipping and CMSC does not receive any profit from sales of the TG. We have this policy to encourage teachers to always teach from the latest TG.

A second copy for an (untrained) assistant may be purchased to use, but it should remain the property of the MSC teacher and be returned to him/her at the conclusion of the course. Please do not purchase extra copies for any other purpose than teaching.  The TG is copyrighted material, and as such we ask that you do not make copies yourself. 

  • Orders within the US: $52 (includes postage and handling)  
  • Orders to be sent outside the US: $67 (includes postage and handling; i.e. $15 per TG on top)

If possible, please order your copies at least 6 weeks before you need them, as we print each Teacher Guide on demand and mail overseas mail can be slow.  Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or if you wish to order more than 3 copies. 

Teachers who are working with translations and speak fluent English, and translators of the TG into other languages, are encouraged to get the new TG as well. Since the bulk of the changes were in wording rather than content, it is up to the discretion of translators and non-English teachers to decide whether an updated translation is necessary in your language.

CMSC would also like to receive your impressions after you explore the new TG. Translators all receive free copies of the new TG from CMSC, upon request.


The latest edition of the English Handout Booklet is a shorter version of the original. It is to be provided to participants during an MSC course, to be used in conjunction with the MSC Workbook.

It has an editable cover page for teachers to add teacher names, dates and venue.

For non-English speakers 

If you are teaching in a language other than English, you may use the older, full-length MSC Handout Booklet (available in English, Spanish and German).


The new Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook  is now available. We hope that MSC teachers will strongly recommend or provide the published workbook to their MSC participants as a companion to the 8-week course and as a supplement to the Handout Booklet.

How do I purchase the workbook?

Teachers can purchase the workbook for their participants and bundle the cost into the registration fee, or they can ask students to purchase the workbook themselves. Guilford Press has created a dedicated site for teachers and students to order the workbook individually or in bulk with 20% off the list price. See the dedicated Guilford page for more details and for information about bulk purchases.

You can also order the workbook directly from Amazon here (price fluctuates according to demand). 

Why should I use the new workbook? 

The workbook was written to support your teaching and also to generate interest in MSC and help fill your classes.  Fortunately, the book has been selling very well since its release in Aug 2018.

Some teachers worry that we are “giving away the store” by publishing this book and the professional text that will follow in July 2019.  Instead, we are working from the business model that “content creates demand” rather than the reverse.  This model seems to have contributed significantly to the successful dissemination of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy around the world.  Nonetheless, we are clear that the best way to learn self-compassion is from a Trained MSC Teacher and both books were written with that goal in mind.

Some teachers are already using the workbook in their MSC classes and are quite pleased with it.  They report the following benefits:

  • The workbook reminds participants about the home practices, serves as a refresher of what was learned, and provides an opportunity to further explore topics from the session.
  • Takes the pressure off teachers who try to include everything in the TG when teaching a topic. Allows teachers to focus more on the participants’ direct experience rather than course content.
  • Participants can read the key points from each session in the workbook if they were confused in class or continue to be interested in the topic.
  • Helps participants keep up with the class if they missed a session.

Ultimately, you will be the best judge of the value of the workbook and we’d like to hear from you.

Is the workbook available in other languages?

The use of the workbook is limited at the present time to the English version.  However, a few translation contracts have already been signed between Guilford Press and publishers of translations. Until these books are published, teachers of non-English classes should continue to use the older, full-length Handouts Booklet, which will remain available until the workbook is translated into that language.

Find out more about how to teach with the workbook


The New Teacher Handbook is essential reding for new teachers and recommended as a useful reference guide throughout your teaching. The 2019 version has been updated and refined to compliment updates to CMSC policy and new publications released in 2019.  You can download it here.

It includes valuable information about the domains of competence for teaching MSC and is required reading before you teach your first 8-week MSC.

The forms and templates at the end of the handbook are also available to download as editable Word documents, on this page.

List of all poetry and video clips used in the standard MSC curriculum


All CMSC policies June 2019

This document contains all the policies and procedures for teaching MSC (updated June 2019). A slightly older version of this document can be found in the back of the English Teacher Guide (Jan 2019). 

  • Requirements for Online Consultation and Trained Teacher status
  • Scope of MSC Teaching and Acceptable Formats 
  • Ethical Guidelines for MSC Teachers
  • Fair Use of MSC Materials
  • Use of CMSC Logo
  • Hosting MSC Teacher Training
  • Permissions and Adaptations of Adaptations
  • MSC Intensives

Forms and Templates

Please customize these forms and templates to your requirements.

Other Helpful Resources

  • The MSC Workbook
  • The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion
  • Self-Compassion:  The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself


If you wish to offer a short introduction to MSC, you may like to use or adapt this outline, kindly offered by Kristy Arbon.

The folks at Compassion It – www.compassionit.com – are offering MSC teachers a discount on orders of the “Self-Compassion It” wristbands. They will cost US$3.30/pair (a saving of $6.50/pair).

There is a coupon code to help MSC teachers in ordering bracelets at the discounted price. Please go to their website – https://compassionit.com/shop/ – and use the code MSC2017 (entered at checkout) when you purchase pairs of Self-Compassion It wristbands. This code won’t work for bulk orders (eg 5, 25, 50 or 100 pairs), so please simply choose the “1 pair” option and use the drop-down menu next to “Qty” to choose your number of pairs. Please see the screenshot below for the correct way to order.

If you have trouble, you can email someone for help at [email protected]. Please explain in your email that you are an MSC teacher and would like the MSC teacher discount.

If you would like to order licensed Dutch versions of the bracelets, please email [email protected]

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