Online Practice Groups

Online Practice Groups

The MSC Circle of Practice (CP) – Weekly online practice group

A rotating team of MSC teachers, in conjunction with CMSC, offer four donation-based weekly online meditation groups for graduates of MSC who would like to join with like-minded people to practice MSC meditations in English. Click here for more information.

The MSC Community for Deepening Practice (CDP)

Aimee Eckhardt and a fellow MSC teacher, in conjunction with CMSC, offers, 8-month-long, Community for Deepening Practice (CDP) program for MSC graduates who would like to deepen their self-compassion skills over the longer term with other graduates in English. Click here for more information.

Insight Timer Group

CMSC has a virtual meditation group on the app, Insight Timer. Practicing self-compassion requires some degree of mindfulness so that we can get some perspective on our emotions. Once we can see our emotions in a balanced way, we can see that we suffer in the same way as all human beings. From that understanding, we can bring kindness to our shared experience of suffering. This group supports the mindfulness component of a self-compassion practice.

Please go to to find out more about Insight Connect. The “Center for Mindful Self-Compassion” group is open to anyone wanting to meditate with others in order to strengthen mindfulness within a self-compassion practice. Please also see the “Guided Meditations” section on Insight Timer for some MSC meditations by Kristin Neff, Christopher Germer and other experienced MSC teachers around the world in a variety of languages.

Google Group

We have a Google group for MSC graduates from around the world to share experiences, insights, questions, poems, and anything related to self-compassion practice.

When we practice self-compassion we need to allow ourselves to be slow learners, gently and patiently supporting ourselves along the way.