Self-Compassion Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Free 1-on-1 Coaching by Physicians & Nurse Practitioners 1:1 Phone/Online Support
Phone or Zoom 1-on-1 coaching and peer support for healthcare workers impacted by Covid-19. This service is provided through the California Medical Association for 30 days at no cost and can be scheduled at your convenience. Free
Book of Prayers by Pixie Lighthorse Creative Inspiration (poetry, writing, music, video, etc)
Small book called Prayers of Honoring Voice. Prayers are one-page long and there are pages for note taking. The dedication: ‘For the soul warriors who tend to their faith so they may tend the needs of people and planet.’ Available through Amazon and Thriftbooks.

From $18.00 – $23.75.
Yoga for first responders Movement-based (Yoga, Qigong, etc) Support
Special Covid-19 opportunity to have access to YogaShield at Cyber Academy’s online platform and app for 60 days at no cost. Yoga specific.

Department pricing go to: [email protected]
Ventral vagus stimulation maneuvers Other Simple exercises based on Porges’ Polyvagal Theory. You can teach them to anyone, and they are very easy to practice everywhere and each time you need to calm and relax. It is a complement is to the Calming Touch. +54 911 61316381 Free
Free meditations from Tara Brach Other
Free meditations on Tara Brach’s site. Donations are appreciated but not required. They vary in length. Free
Free Physician-Led Online Mindfulness and Yoga Sessions Phone/Online Group Coaching Collective of physicians who are also wellness experts dedicated to providing free, evidence-based sessions to reduce stress for all healthcare professionals, particularly during this global pandemic. Our primary mission is to help heal the healers. Free
Significantly reduced Telehealth therapy services Psychotherapy Resources Reduced fees for Telehealth therapy session. Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, 18 years experience with trauma and attachment. Utilize self-compassion, mindfulness, neurobiology, and EMDR. First session free/$75.00 per hour for 2 months.

Webinars, articles, programs, education Self-Compassion/Self-Care Tips The Charter for Compassion was started with seed money from a TedTalk by Karen Armstrong. The home page features free webinars to build resiliency and it features Drs. Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer and their Self-Compassion Workbook. Free
Mindfulness Emergency Kit for Essential Workers on Frontline of Pandemic Self-Compassion/Self-Care Tips Free
How Healthcare Workers can Protect Themselves Self-Compassion/Self-Care Tips Article from Single Care with specific information about how medical and home healthcare workers can protect themselves and what their rights are. Also discusses what happens with a healthcare worker gets sick and has a link to WHO. Free
Article from psychology today Self-Compassion/Self-Care Tips 10 ways to reduce your stress level during Covid-19 Free
A Mindfulness Practice for Healthcare Workers during Covid-19 Self-Compassion/Self-Care Tips Mindfulness magazine article Free