MSC Teacher Training Application

MSC Teacher Training Application Form

  • Dear applicant,

    We have carefully assembled the following questions in order to help select the most suitable candidates for MSC Teacher Training. Answers will necessarily include personal information, but this information will be viewed by the MSC Teacher Training Team only and treated confidentially. Should you not want to answer any of the questions in writing, you may note this in the response area for that question and include contact information (telephone or email address) at which you can be contacted to discuss it privately. Similarly, the teacher training team may contact you to have a private conversation in order to clarify some of your answers on the form. Please understand that all other information still needs to be submitted in writing. Please note that the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion strongly recommends that you NOT schedule your first MSC course until after you successfully complete the MSC Teacher Training, to assure that you are fully ready to begin teaching. Thank you.


    Being affected by a mental health diagnosis may not necessarily prevent you from becoming an MSC Teacher. However, when teaching MSC to others, we must be in touch with and hold our own human vulnerability with great kindness in order to be a model to others and as such, we carry great responsibility for the safety of our students. We also need to be able to recognise and to hold the feelings of vulnerability within our students with great stability, calm, courage, wisdom and kindness. From our experience MSC teachers are of greatest benefit to their students when they teach from such a solid place and already have plenty of room in their own hearts for others’ difficulties, which is not always possible when the teachers themselves have ongoing significant struggles with these issues. We understand that answers to these questions may not be straightforward and are personal. Please feel free to opt for a private conversation if you prefer that by including a note as your response to any of these questions as to how and when we may contact you for this.