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Welcome to the Teacher Dashboard. We are so glad you are here! 

This is a dedicated space for all MSC teachers to access official CMSC policies, teaching materials and resources to assist you in teaching MSC. Whether you recently completed your teacher training or have been teaching for some time, you will find plenty of valuable resources here.

If you are a new teacher, please start by reading the section ‘Teachers-in-Training’ where you will find out how to complete your Zoom consultation sessions and meet the requirements to become a Trained Teacher. 

If you are a Trained or Certified teacher you can update your teacher profile and add your courses to the CMSC course directory so that you are visible to the public. 

If you are interested in connecting with fellow teachers, please head over to the the MSC Teacher Café where you can join our growing community of teachers to share ideas, gain support, post suggestions and be inspired

Teacher News

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