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Welcome home! I am excited to welcome you to this Teacher Dashboard, which is your unique home on the CMSC website. 

The Teacher and Program Directory is a fully and easily searchable database where you can list yourself, your photo and contact information, and your programs. This information is accessible and updateable at any time and you are encouraged to keep it updated on a regular basis. Our hope is that this directory will become a valuable source of referrals for you and your programs as the traffic to the CMSC website grows over the coming year.

If you haven’t already updated your profile, we suggest that you set aside 20-30 minutes for this process the first time, but after that you will find that a few minutes will be all you need to add a class or delete an event from your profile. Here are instructions to update your profile and add events for the first time.

—Steve Hickman

Executive Director, CMSC

CMSC Policy on Scope of MSC Teaching and Acceptable Formats
Based on Experience and Levels of Training

In order to ensure that teachers are properly prepared to teach some of the related forms and adaptations of MSC, CMSC has outlined the following policies to guide our teachers:

1) After successfully completing Teacher Training & receiving the Teacher-in-Training Certificate:

  • You may then offer the 8-week in-person MSC course (preferably with a co-teacher) while attending 10 concurrent Zoom Consultation Sessions,as the MSC teacher training pathway indicates
    • In order to qualify, your course must include at least eight participants and be in the standard 8-week format
    • We strongly recommend that this be the first MSC 8-week course that you teach after completing Teacher Training, and you may not represent yourself as anything other than a MSC Teacher-in-Training until you have completed the consultation sessions.
  • You may offer introductory talks and workshops up to 3 hours in length.
  • Other formats or adaptations are not allowed for Teachers-in-Training

2) After completing your first course with Zoom Consultation and receiving your Trained Teacher Certificate:

  • You may continue to offer the 8-week in-person MSC course to the public (preferably with a co-teacher)
  • You may co-teach a MSC Intensive, but always with a Certified MSC Teacher who takes primary responsibility for the program.
  • You may offer modified forms of MSC as long as they contain at least 85% of the content of the full MSC program and do not include more than one MSC session in a single day. Courses that group two sessions on one day are considered intensives and Trained Teachers may not offer such intensives without a Certified MSC Teacher as a co-teacher.
  • You may offer introductory talks and workshops up to one day in length

3) After completing mentorship and becoming a Certified Teacher:

  • You may continue to offer the 8-week in-person MSC program.
  • You may offer 2-day MSC Core Skills programs
  • You may co-teach MSC intensives, preferably in the 4- or 5-day residential format, but this may include further modifications like multiple weekends, or four 2-session days, etc.
    • Please note: CMSC does not allow programs that include the material from more than two sessions in a single day, as we believe strongly that this is just too much material for participants to absorb in such a short period of time.
    • You are strongly encouraged to consult with CMSC or an MSC Mentor on any modifications to the standard formats.
  • If you are unable to co-teach an intensive with another Certified MSC Teacher, you may have a Trained Teacher (or Teacher-in-Training) as a co-teacher or have a General Assistant present for the full program.
  • You are eligible to be trained to teach Live Online MSC or other CMSC-endorsed online programs

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