Teaching the MSC Program: A Guide for Professionals

This is a comprehensive resource for the MSC program, including the latest research on self-compassion, fine points of pedagogy and the complete curriculum. This book is essential reading for all new MSC teachers and replaces the New Teacher Handbook. (English language only until translations are published. Track the progress of forthcoming translations of the Professionals Guide here). 

Read more about the Professionals Guide here

MSC Workbook

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook is highly recommended as a companion to the MSC course and as a supplement to the Handout Booklet. Participants should be encouraged to buy the workbook or teachers can provide it for them and add a little surcharge to the course fee. The workbook was designed for home study and practice and not for use in the classroom itself. Some of the reported benefits to participants include: 

  • supplements what is learned in class
  • reduces the need to take notes
  • helps prepare for class
  • easy to review a missed session
  • supports home practice

How to purchase

Guilford Press has created a dedicated site for teachers and students to order the workbook individually or in bulk with 20% off the list price. See Guilford webpage about bulk purchases. You can also order the workbook directly from Amazon (price fluctuates according to demand).


The use of the workbook is limited at the present time to the English version.  Some translations are underway – track the progress of forthcoming translations of the MSC Workbook here). Until these books are published, teachers of non-English classes should continue to use the older, full-length Handouts Booklet, which will remain available until the workbook is translated into that language.

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Teacher Guide

The Teacher Guide remains the essential resource required for all MSC teachers to support classroom teaching. For more information about the latest versions and translations, please click on the shopping cart.