The Art of Humble Inquiry

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Of all the elements of teaching Mindful Self-Compassion, the process of inquiry is by far the most challenging and perhaps misunderstood. This 3-hour workshop is intended for MSC teachers at all levels and participants will begin to explore some of the more subtle and overlooked aspects of engaging in inquiry. Focused on the premise that inquiry is indeed a practice (like our own personal meditation practice), participants will engage in self-exploration of the impact of their own inner work on the outer work of inquiry, and provide opportunities for sharing and discussion. Drawing on a variety of sources, this online workshop will explore inquiry as the interpersonal enactment of our own intrapersonal experience of meditation and self-compassion practice, and there will be opportunities to practice and observe the skills of inquiry in role-play as well.

Workshop Facilitator
Steve Hickman is the Executive Director of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion and CMSC’s Director of Professional Training. Steve has been training teachers of MBSR, MBCT and MSC for much of his professional career and takes particular delight in exploring and explicating the process of mindful inquiry. He is currently writing a self-reflective guide to becoming a teacher of mindfulness and compassion and will be sharing a chapter on inquiry from that forthcoming book with all registered participants.

This session is limited to 30 participants, 8 minimum.