Live Online MSC Teacher Training Application (CHRIS TEST)

  • Dear applicant,

    We have carefully assembled the following questions in order to help select the most suitable candidates for MSC Teacher Training. Answers will necessarily include personal information, but this information will be viewed by the MSC Teacher Training Team only and treated confidentially. Should you not want to answer any of the questions in writing, you may note this in the response area for that question and include contact information (telephone or email address) at which you can be contacted to discuss it privately. Similarly, the teacher training team may contact you to have a private conversation in order to clarify some of your answers on the form. Please understand that all other information still needs to be submitted in writing. Thank you.

  • I understand that my application will be reviewed only if I meet the following minimum qualifications: 1) Completion of a full MSC course at least 6 months before the teacher training begins. This MSC course may be a standard 8-week program (in-person or online), a 5-Day Intensive MSC, or the CMSC’s Live Online (LOMSC) course. 2) Completion of at least one silent, teacher-led meditation retreat with a duration of at least 5 days. If you have any questions about whether you meet these requirements, please contact [staff person] at the CMSC before you fill out this application.