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Voraciously curious about the shared human experience across cultures and circumstances, I have spent much of my personal life exploring themes of belonging and connectedness, resilience amidst adversity, and the power to self-determine. My longtime mindfulness practice has illuminated my way, and it was the rigors of parenthood (and wise counsel by caring mentors) that ultimately prompted me to add a dedicated self-compassion practice into the mix. The effects have been profound.

After my first MSC course ended, I recognized that I was at the beginning of a longer journey. With concrete skills in place and a strong inner knowing that this was THE missing piece of my personal work, I simply needed to practice. (Knowing that eventually, “practice” falls away and what’s left is living.) Hearing the same need echoed among many MSC colleagues, I conceived the Community for Deepening Practice (CDP, found at ). I’m honored to have Bal Phipps as co-creator and Lead Teacher of the program, and I’m equally grateful for the support and guidance of the CMSC training team.

In addition to my involvement in the mindfulness community via my independent web development work (I built and administer the CDP website, among others.), I am also on the 2016 Program Committee for Bridging the Hearts and Minds of Youth conference as well as the creator of the Mindful Kids Kansas City Facebook group.

Following the threads of spirit, circumstance, and curiosity, my formal education and career path have been diverse. I earned my English degree from Sam Houston State University in 1994, worked as a reporter and editor focusing on education and health, and subsequently trained as an Emergency Medical Technician. After moving from Austin, TX to Kansas City in 2000, I returned to work in design/marketing as an Art Director at Andrews McMeel Publishing. I’ve been running Creatrix Design since 2004. Always, I’m closely listening to hear what my life asks of me next.

To my teaching, I bring a spirit of curiosity, playfulness, and a deeply earned respect for the power of self-compassion. And because I’m so new to teaching MSC, I also bring a great deal of humility!

I am especially grateful to Ben Worth, Linda Putthoff, Amy Saltzman, Steve Hickman, and Michelle Becker for their enduring presence, their brazenly generous support, and their ongoing commitment to wandering authentically through the world for us all to learn from.

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