Becoming an MSC Teacher

Many people feel grateful for the profound effect of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) in their lives and wish to share it with others.

The foundation for teaching MSC to others is to embody the qualities of mindfulness and self-compassion and to have a daily, personal practice.  Prospective teachers are supported by CMSC through every step in the journey to becoming a trained or certified MSC teacher.  MSC teachers are often deeply moved by the transformation of their participants and honored to share in this transformation. Some say teaching MSC makes their practice even deeper and more meaningful, and feels like a natural extension of self-compassion into the world.

"The MSC trainings have softened my inner critic and strengthened my inner champion. I am less anxious about imperfection, and celebrate vulnerability as a strength to meet challenges with courage, to deepen my capacity for joy. The best part is I get to embody it and humbly offer it to others as an MSC Teacher!"