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The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion provides information about MSC, an 8-week program designed to cultivate self-compassion skills for daily life. Founded in 2012 by Kristin Neff, PhD and Christopher K. Germer, PhD, the center is a place where people can access self-compassion resources, discover MSC in their area, and explore MSC Teacher Training.

Embracing Imperfection: Working with shame and difficult emotions

Susan Pollak, MTS, Ed.D., wrote a blog post for "Psychology Today" on her experience of teaching MSC. You can find it here!

Support Yourself with Mindful Self-Compassion - an interview with MSC teacher, Cecilia Fernandez-Hall

MSC Teacher Training team

Michelle BeckerSteve HickmanCMSC are delighted that Michelle Becker and Steve Hickman, both from the University of California, San Diego's Center for Mindfulness, are joining Kristin Neff and Chris Germer, developers of MSC, as MSC Teacher Trainers starting in 2014. Both Michelle and Steve bring with them a wealth of experience in teaching MSC and in training mindfulness teachers. For details about their programs, please see the MSC schedule here and MSC Teacher Training schedule here.

Compassion Multimedia e-Book

Compassion. Bridging Practice and Science by Tania Singer and Matthias Bolz (with contributions from Chris Germer and Kristin Neff) is a multimedia eBook for anyone interested in compassion, meditation, the underlying science, and most of all its practice and benefits for everyday life. The book describes many different forms of compassion practice from various perspectives such as experiences in schools, in psychotherapy, coaching, or in the end-of-life care. Theoretical core concepts from a psychological, a Buddhist, and an evolutionary point of view are discussed. Furthermore, many of the newest empirical findings and secular training programs are presented in this unique and artistic book. Get your free copy of the book and more information here: www.compassion-training.org


Self-Compassion It Bracelets

SELF-COMPASSION IT reversible bracelets are a visual reminder to be kind to ourselves. Start with the white side facing out, and reverse it to the crimson side once you 'self-compassion it.' They come in pairs so that you can wear one and share one! Purchase five pairs for a great deal and so that you can comPASSion IT ON!

Click here to order your own.

Healthcare Professional Directory

The CMSC Healthcare Professional Directory is a list of healthcare professionals who have completed MSC and wish to be listed publicly on the CMSC website. This directory is useful for prospective clients seeking referrals to healthcare professionals with a particular interest and specialty in MSC. Listings include type of practice, location, contact information, specialties, and insurance options.


Mindfulness and Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff (2013) (21 minutes)

Compassion-Based Therapy with Christopher Germer, Paul Gilbert and Kristin Neff (2012) (27 minutes)

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