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Taking the Self Out of Self-Righteousness

By Tracy Ochester

Most of us understand the importance of doing good and standing up for what is just, but how might we discern being "upright" from being self-righteous? A dedicated mindfulness practice can help.


What is possible when we surrender?

By Dr. Steve Hickman

When we feel like giving up, there is something heroic and necessary in simply standing and finding our feet, steadying our hearts and minds the way we would do this for another, and beginning to put one foot in front of the other on a renewed life journey of redemption, forgiveness and release of the ill-fated wish for something else. Writing this article was my first step on that journey. What will be yours?


Preliminary Research on the Role of Self-Compassion During the COVID Pandemic

By Marissa Knox

Findings from recent studies in Hong Kong, Spain, Israel, Iran, and Austria illustrate the range of ways, during the tumultuous conditions of the COVID pandemic, that self-compassion can guide us to take actions that promote our healing and interconnected wellbeing.

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Self-Compassion An Antidote to Shame

Chris Germer
March 2 - March 4, 2021

Our formal certification program SCIP — Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy for psychotherapists will establish common ground across other modalities and approaches.