January 6, 2021

Preliminary Research on the Role of Self-Compassion During the COVID Pandemic

By Marissa Knox

Findings from recent studies in Hong Kong, Spain, Israel, Iran, and Austria illustrate the range of ways, during the tumultuous conditions of the COVID pandemic, that self-compassion can guide us to take actions that promote our healing and interconn...

December 7, 2020

Renew Your Self-Compassion for the New Year with Two Free Mini-Retreats

By Center For Mindful Self-Compassion

As we turn our minds and hearts toward 2021, the transition is an ideal time to focus on restoration and renewal for ourselves, the collective, and our earth. All are welcome to join Chris Germer, Steve Hickman, and other MSC teachers for inspiration...

November 11, 2020

Study of 80 Veterans Shows that MSC is a Valuable Addition to Medical Pain Management Strategies

By Marissa Knox

In a recent study by Dr. Greg Serpa and colleagues, it appears that teaching Veterans to meet their emotional and physical suffering with kindness had an impact on their medication use. "Our treatment system has medicalized pain management and then ...

November 11, 2020

Steadying Ourselves with Daily G.L.A.D.S. Practice

By Aimee Eckhardt

“Existence will rush to fill us and overwhelm us if we don’t meet the outer world with an inner life.” -Mark Nepo In a world struggling under the burden of […]...

October 2, 2020

New brain imaging study shows self-compassion training alters neural responses to chronic pain

By Center For Mindful Self-Compassion

A new brain imaging study shows that self-compassion training alters neural responses to chronic pain....