July 8, 2021

MSC Japan Website is Now Live

By Kyoko Takenaka

Hello, Everyone! We are delighted to introduce MSC Japan and our new website! (   MSC in Japan is still in its beginning stages. Japan has had a long history […]...

May 3, 2021

CMSC Welcomes Aly Waibel as Associate Executive Director for Professional Training and Operations

By Center For Mindful Self-Compassion

We at CMSC are thrilled to have Aly on board! Her amazing work at the Compassion Institute prepared her well for her role here, and having a fresh perspective from outside the CMSC organization will be invaluable....

October 14, 2019

The Little Book of Self-Compassion

By Kathryn Lovewell

The Little Book of Self-Compassion by MSC Teacher, Kathryn Lovewell was born out of the desire to share the transformative power, potency and accessibility of Mindful Self-Compassion. It is intended as a deep bow to Chris and Kristin’s wor...

August 9, 2019

An Interview with Chris Germer and Kristin Neff on Their New Book: Teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion Program

By Wibo Koole

—✦— Giving oneself compassion is a challenging process for just about everyone. That’s why the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program was created by Drs. Chris Germer and Kristin Neff in 2010 […]...