Updated 2020 Teacher Guide Now Available!

The new MSC Teacher Guide for 2020 is now available for purchase. We strongly encourage all teachers to purchase this new guide here, as there are a number of important improvements and additions in this version.

In this 2020 update, refinements from the recently published MSC professional textbook were integrated into the TG. Most edits to the TG are improvements in wording, punctuation and formatting, not in content. However, new content was added to make the MSC curriculum more welcoming to people with diverse identities, to incorporate more specific references to yang self-compassion, and to enhance safety.


  • We changed the practice “Soothing Touch” to “Soothing and Supportive Touch” to incorporate the yang (action in the world) element.
  • We also changed the titles of the topic “Strategies for Meeting Difficult Emotions” to “Approaches to Difficult Emotions,” and we changed “Working with Difficult Emotions” and “Working with Shame” to “Being with Difficult Emotions” and “Being with Shame.” These changes were made to reduce the striving aspect of the words “working” and “strategies.”
  • We have a new Policy and Procedures section. 

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