Australasia MSC Teacher 2021 Lunar New Year Meet & Greet

More than 120 MSC Teachers in Asia and Oceania gathered together to mark the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Ox with Chris and Kristin. Our first CMSC Lunar New Year Meet and Greet was organized to facilitate communication and network building among MSC Teachers in the Australasia Region. It holds 13 countries and regions including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

When You Need More Than Gentle: Yang Self-Compassion as the Powerful Side of Kindness

When we first take a Mindful Self-Compassion course, important aspects of our inner life can be illuminated. For psychotherapist and author Jessie Everts, her first course revealed for her the importance of both tender self-compassion and is lesser-understood twin, fierce self-compassion. In this essay, Jessie shares five ways of integrating both aspects for a robust and integrated practice that sets us up to protect, provide for, and motivate ourselves toward our greatest good.

Fierce, Tender, Whole: Taking Action for Ourselves and the World

Women are being called by the pressing issues of the day—sexual harassment, pay inequality, rampant prejudice, health disparities, political division, our dying planet—to claim our power and take action. I believe that by developing and integrating fierce and tender self-compassion, we will be better equipped to realize our true selves and make needed changes to the world around us.

MSC in Vietnam: “Saving the World” by Letting Go

Letting go gave me just enough space to realize that love and wisdom, which were the essence of what we were teaching, were a circular flow, rather than unidirectional from me to the participants. That this essence was already the nature of all beings, and my role was to give space to this unfolding, rather than “saving the world.”

Embracing Diversity and Social Justice Work in Teaching MSC: Introduction to the Series

An introduction to a series on DEI issues that we hope to explore and share with you in the year ahead. Our deepening intimacy through conversation provided us with fertile ground to unpack how the forces of oppression and privilege have impacted us in unique and shared ways. Specifically we hope to explore (a) our experiences with privilege and oppression, (b) an awareness of the ways we benefit from our privilege and have harmed others and/or been harmed by it, (c) awareness and reflection of oppression and the ways it impacts us and those around us, and (d) practices to assist us in our journey as we explore these challenging issues.

CMSC Seeking MSC Teachers with Classroom Experience

CMSC is seeking experienced MSC teachers who are either current or former classroom teachers, or people who have extensive experience in working with educators in a professional capacity who might be interested in being a paid facilitator for an online program in early 2020, helping teach self-compassion to teachers.

Teen MSC Program Now Officially a Program of CMSC

CMSC, Karen Bluth, and Lorraine Hobbs are pleased to announce that Mindful Self-Compassion for Teens is now being solely managed and directed by CMSC. We expect that this move will provide a boost to this unique program that is already touching and inspiring teens around the globe, with over 200 MSC-T teachers having been trained thus far.

Sense & Savour With Your MSC Colleagues in Bordeaux

Please join us in Bordeaux, France in October 2020, to share, practice, and learn together with other MSC teachers from around the world. The Sense & Savour retreat is a safe, fun, and creative haven for Mindful Self-Compassion teachers from all around the world who wish to exchange ideas and best practices, refresh personal practice, and learn new ways to promote and market our programs.

Last Call to Join Pilot MSC Teachers’ Practicum

If you’re an MSC Teacher-in-Training but have yet to teach your first group, this is a wonderful opportunity to immerse in the detail of the entire 8-week program in a supportive learning environment before taking the course out into the wider world. Participants learn together to meet the inevitable bumps and surprises of teaching MSC while held safely by experienced senior teachers and in the company of fellow Teachers-in-Training.

Do You Remember?

Self-compassion doesn’t come to life in the land of concepts. It breathes in the unchartered and uncomfortable expanse of living, especially during difficult moments of life. My practice is to remember—pause, breathe, love. As it turns out, when teaching self-compassion to others, I don’t have to know what to say or say the right thing. My job is to open my heart, which opens a door. The rest is not up to me. The door is a portal and often, courageous souls walk through. 

Facilitating our Flourishing Circles of Practice

The Circles of Practice also needs you! We have an incredibly dedicated team of experienced teachers who give generously of their time and talent. We want to share the enriching experience of facilitating with other experienced MSC teachers. The Circles of Practice, for the facilitators, is a valuable way to increase their skills in teaching meditation and to contribute to the effort in building a global community of MSC practitioners who come together to grow in compassion.

Your MSC Teaching Toolkit

The MSC Teacher Guide The MSC Teacher Guide (English language) as well as its available translations are an important part to the structure of the MSC program has remained that…

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