Refresh, Renew and Relax at a Weekend Retreat for MSC-T Teachers

June 16-19, 2020
North Carolina, USA

Oceanfront, Trinity Episcopal Retreat Center

CMSC is excited to announce a retreat for MSC-T teachers in the summer of 2020 on the North Carolina Coast. This retreat is open to anyone who has taken the MSC-T teacher training. The purpose of this retreat has two very important aims:

  • build community among MSC-T teachers
  • provide an opportunity for more intensive self-compassion practice

Although there have been various discussion boards and Facebook pages going among MSC-T teachers over the last few years, there’s nothing quite like getting together face to face, seeing old friends from your teacher training or Zoom sessions, and meeting new ones. We now have almost 200 trained MSC-T teachers worldwide (and I’ve lost count of the number of teacher trainings!).

Further, because of our very busy schedules, many of us have difficulty finding time for more intensive practice. This retreat will provide that as well.

The retreat is planned for June 16-19, 2020, Tuesday-Friday. We are planning to have it at on the beautiful coast of North Carolina, at the Trinity Episcopal Retreat Center on Pine Knoll Shores, NC. This is on one of the Outer Banks of NC; for those of you who know the area, it’s about 7 miles west of Atlantic Beach. Part of the retreat center is right on the beach, and in fact, the location of our meeting space is the Beach House, which is oceanfront!

This retreat will be group-led by MSC-T teachers. We will be looking for a few MSC-T teachers who are interested in both being part of a planning committee for the retreat as well as MSC-T teachers willing to lead practices. If you are interested, please let us know!

The closest airport is New Bern airport, a small airport about an hour away. The next closest airport is Jacksonville airport, about 1 hour 15 minutes away. Raleigh-Durham airport, a larger airport, is about 3 hours away.

Our very tentative schedule is:


  • Check in 4 pm
  • Evening program (1 hour)

Wednesday & Thursday

  • 9-12  Self-compassion practice led by MSC-T teachers
  • 1-5 pm Behavioral Self-compassion on the beach 😊 (swimming, beach walks, reading on the beach)


  • 9-11 Self-compassion practice, closing
  • Check out at noon

We have made every attempt to keep the costs low for this retreat so that people will be able to attend, with Single Occupancy fees (including room, board and program) of $560, and Double Occupancy of $440.

Register or Learn More

In order for us to plan, we need to know as soon as possible who is interested in attending. Please email Karen Bluth at with the subject line “MSC-T Retreat: Yes” to indicate your interest in attending. You may want to mention whether you would prefer single or double accommodations as well. Registration will open in a few weeks.

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