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The MSC Teacher Guide (English language) as well as its available translations are an important part to the structure of the MSC program has remained that same as the old 2017 edition. However, there were many changes to the wording of the various topics, practices and exercises to make the program easier to teach and easier for students to understand precisely what we are doing and why. New editions now also include essential CMSC policies and procedures. Through the work of our Global Community and Translation teams, the following list are languages and dialects into which the MSC Teacher Guides are being translated by the CMSC translation teams:

Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean,  Chinese Mandarin, Hong Kong Cantonese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Japanese, Vietnamese, Polish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Danish, Serbian, Turkish, Swahili, Finish, Icelandic, Ukrainian, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian, Greek, Farsi, Hindi

Translations of the Teacher Guide that have been made available to CMSC can be found by MSC teachers through the Teacher Dashboard.

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