Bringing MSC to Healthcare Settings: Teacher Training Now Available Online

We are excited to announce the Teacher Training for the MSC 6-week adaptation for healthcare professionals: 

Self-Compassion for Healthcare Communities: An Adaptation of Mindful Self-Compassion (SCHC)

Teacher Training

(Private Teacher Training only for MSC Teachers)

The SCHC program is the 6-week MSC adaptation Kristin Neff has been researching for 3 years with evidence to support significant increases in self-compassion, mindfulness, compassion for others and compassion satisfaction, and decreases in depression, stress, secondary traumatic stress and burnout. There has been considerable interest in the release of this program to MSC teachers working with healthcare professionals and we thank you for your patience! The curriculum has been enhanced to include culture specific considerations for teachers and is now available to our community.

This teacher training is available only to MSC Trained Teachers
online over three 2-hour sessions:

Training dates are:
Fridays, June 19, 26, and July 10, 2020 with Natalie Bell, Karen Bluth, and Laura Prochnow Phillips.  

Hours: 6:00-8:00 pm EST /10:00 pm – 12:00 am UTC
(Please Click here to view the Time Conversion Chart)


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All sessions will be delivered live online so that this will be an interactive learning experience consisting of:

Session 1: A review of the culture of healthcare, unique stressors, and language, and how these affect the elements of connection, attunement, and flexibility with your participants while teaching MSC concepts and practices.

Session 2: Deep dive into the evidence based six-1 hour sessions adapted curriculum exploring nuances, pitfalls, additional healthcare metaphors and language for practices. We will explore potential adaptations for healthcare communities.

Session 3: We will discuss marketing to healthcare institutions, messaging, recruitment and maintenance of groups.

Completion of this teacher training will allow you to be a Trained Teacher of the Inner Resiliency Training for Healthcare Communities MSC adaptation and give you the preparation, updated curriculum, curriculum enhancement and handouts to be able to teach to healthcare groups.

We look forward to having you join this movement bringing Mindful Self-Compassion to healthcare professionals!

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