United Kingdom (UK) MSC Teachers Community

It feels timely during this time of the pandemic to raise awareness that we have a rich and growing community of MSC teachers in the UK.

We are a community of MSC teachers in the United Kingdom who have been meeting regularly for several years for mutual sharing, support and friendship. The idea of creating a UK network of this kind was initiated by Vanessa Hope and several of us joined with her in making this happen – we currently have a volunteer coordinating team of five and are keen for others to join us so please get in touch if we haven’t met you yet, whether you’ve taken your teacher training online or in person overseas.

Between us we organise monthly Zoom meetings for our UK community with a range of topics such as EDI, teaching online, marketing, co-teaching, social media, specialist interests etc. We have a range of potential developments in the pipeline too, such as a regular UK teachers’ practice group, a book club, and buddy arrangements. 

We also have an annual networking meeting each September – previously held in London, though online last year. We’ve developed our own website with listings for teachers and courses too. Visit us at https://mindfulselfcompassionuk.com  

Please do get in touch if you’d like to join our mailing list or to know more about us – it’d be great to hear from you.

Ali Lambie

About Ali Lambie

Already a therapist and mindfulness teacher, Ali came across MSC in 2013. This made a huge impact and she immersed herself in this field, gradually becoming a Trained Teacher, a Certified Teacher and then Teacher Trainer of MSC: this work is her passion. These days Ali is fully engaged in teaching MSC and supervising and training others both in the UK and internationally with CMSC. Ali enjoys supporting other teachers in her various roles and often has newer teachers working alongside her too. 


Ali Lambie


With a background as a therapist within the NHS and as a mindfulness teacher I’ve been immersed in the world of MSC since 2013. I’m a Teacher Trainer (in person, LOTT and Practicum) a Zoom consultation host for new teachers and Mentor for those applying for Certification.

I run online and in person courses and retreats in the UK and also offer regular supervision for other teachers both in person and online.

• MSC Teacher Trainer, Zoom Consultation host and Mentor
• Certified Teacher Mindful Self-Compassion
• MSc Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses (distinction), University of Bangor
• Trained mindfulness s...Read More

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