Monthly Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy Peer Consultation Session Launched

MSC Teachers who are also therapists now have two new monthly opportunities to come together monthly to share how we use and apply MSC and self-compassion in one-to-one therapy, and to also share our challenges, observations and breakthroughs.  We hope the discussion will include the many ways we can bring MSC into individual sessions. For example, the parts of the program we adapt to use, teaching specific skills explicitly, adapting flexibly in our interactions, and using MSC to support ourselves in the therapy hour. We’ll start with a soft landing and ask people to share experiences or cases.

Sessions begin June 4, and if you wish to attend, please proceed to the SignUp Genius page to indicate your interest in joining. You will receive an email prior to the first sessions, asking you to complete a very brief online confidentiality agreement, and then you can log on to either or both of the sessions.

Option 1
facilitated by John Julian and Linda Hamilton
Tuesdays, 2200 UTC | 6:00 pm Eastern
0800 June 5 Australian EDT
Zoom link

Option 2
facilitated by Ben Weinstein and Cori Rosenthal
Tuesdays, 1400 UTC | 10:00 am Eastern
Zoom link


Please note: If there is interest, we will add additional sessions in other languages or at other times. If you would be interested in hosting a session in another language or at another time, please contact CMSC Executive Director Steve Hickman at to express your interest.

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