CMSC Unveils First Major Enhancement of MSC Teacher Training


Since the first MSC Teacher Training in early 2014, the pathway for becoming a teacher of MSC has stayed basically the same and has served us well as CMSC has grown and MSC has expanded across the globe. We have trained over 2,100 people in five languages with this model, with great success. But as you know, teaching self-compassion is challenging and complex, and our team of teacher trainers are constantly looking for ways to better support you, the teachers, and ways of better preparing new teachers for the rewarding role of being a teacher of MSC.

Based on our collective experience of training so many people and supporting you in your development as teachers, we are implementing a brand-new step into the process of becoming a Trained MSC Teacher. Beginning in early 2020, everyone who attends MSC Teacher Training will be required to subsequently participate in a 10-week online Teacher Training Practicum (TTP) to prepare them for their first “live” teaching of MSC. That “live” teaching will be in conjunction with the ten Zoom consultation sessions, and only after all three of these steps have been completed, will people be deemed a “Trained MSC Teacher.”

We know from experience it can often feel like a big step from taking the MSC Teacher Training to actually teaching a first course. The TTP Practicum will provide additional TTP Trainer support in advance of leading your own first course.

The new TTP has been developed and designed by Teacher Trainers Marta Alonso, Michelle Becker, Mila DeKoning, Beth Mulligan, Tina Gibson, Ali Lambie and Steve Hickman, with the specific intention of providing opportunities for teachers-in-training to begin to practice their new-found teaching skills with each other in a safe, structured, online environment comprised of 15 fellow teachers-in-training and two TTP Trainers. Each week of the practicum will focus on a single MSC session and the trainees will be assigned to lead the various practices, topics and exercises of that session, with periods of feedback and discussion, as well as opportunities to interact during the week online as a group.

The practicum will provide new teachers with a “laboratory” to find their own voices and to continue to practice what they learned in Teacher Training, with time between each session to review, prepare and reflect on the process of teaching MSC. Each session, held over Zoom, will give participants an opportunity to practice teaching core components of MSC, and receive gentle constructive feedback in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. The cohort model allows the participants the unique opportunity to build an environment of safety and support among colleagues that CMSC hopes will continue to be a reminder of common humanity and a source of encouragement and assistance long after the practicum ends.

While those who have already completed MSC Teacher Training are not required to complete the Practicum, we believe many of you would be interested in such an experience. For this reason, we are offering a “pilot run” of the TTP in the fall of 2019 that is open to anyone who has completed Teacher Training, including one practicum in Spanish.

We have three sets of trainers who have scheduled practica starting in October and we are currently assembling a signup list of people interested in participating in those groups. Starting in 2020, the 10-week practicum will be offered for $995 (US), but the upcoming programs will be offered for only $550. This is truly a unique and affordable opportunity to sharpen and deepen your MSC teaching skills.

Upcoming Autumn 10-week Practica:

▸ Option 1 (English):
Ali Lambie (Senior Practicum Trainer) and Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher (Practicum Trainer)
Thursdays, Oct. 3-Dec. 12, 2019
1400 UTC
(No session on 31 October)

▸ Option 2 (English):
Tina Gibson (Senior Practicum Trainer) and Anna Friis (Practicum Trainer)
Tuesdays, Oct. 8-Dec. 10, 2019
2200 UTC 

▸ Option 3 (Spanish):
Marta Alonso (Senior Practicum Trainer) and Mariela de la Fuente (Practicum Trainer)
Tuesdays, Oct. 15-Dec. 17, 2019
1400 UTC

Express Your Interest Here


When the TTP formally begins in 2020, priority will be given to those who have recently completed Teacher Training, so you may want to seriously consider signing up for one of these practica now to assure that you get the opportunity. Express your interest here and indicate which of the three practica you would like to join. You will be contacted shortly with further details and instructions.

CMSC is excited to add this new important step to the MSC Teacher Training Pathway and we have heard positive feedback from many of you with whom we have shared this idea. If you have questions or comments about the TTP, please feel free to contact Steve Hickman, Executive Director of CMSC and Director of Professional Training, at

Please note: CMSC plans to ultimately offer the practicum in all our official languages and discussions are underway with our colleagues around the globe to arrange this as we can. We will announce additional language programs as they become available.

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