Call to Psychotherapists: Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy Peer Consultation Group

“It’s not therapy, but it IS therapeutic.”

We have all heard those words in MSC Teacher Training, and many of us who are psychotherapists in addition to being MSC teachers have found the practices, the embodiment and the wisdom of MSC to be very helpful in working with a variety of clients and patients with clinical conditions.

As a support to those doing this important work on the “frontier” of psychotherapy and exploring how best to incorporate self-compassion into therapy, CMSC is launching a regular Zoom Peer Consultation Group starting in April. Come and share what you’re learning, what you’re wondering and how you’re drawing upon your experience as an MSC teacher to support your patients and clients.

CMSC Executive Director, Steve Hickman, will host this first meeting, but we hope that others will step up to host perhaps a weekly version of it if there is demand. What a great opportunity to have a place to drop in for 90 minutes and meet with other MSC teachers to explore this rich and rewarding topic!

To learn more, contact Steve at

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