Meet the Mentor: Tina Gibson

Professional Biography:

I am an experienced and passionate Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Mindfulness Teacher, having facilitated programs within the Education System (to both children and teachers), Cancer Support, Women’s Health and the general community.

I have a sound knowledge of health and education stemming from years of experience working with diverse populations in the roles of Kinesiologist, Health Care Worker, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Health Educator and Emergency Paramedic.

As well as teaching MSC, I currently spend a lot of my time offering compassion-based mindfulness meditation sessions in the community and ongoing booster sessions for my past MSC participants here in Adelaide.

What I Love:

Walking, swimming, listening, dreaming, talking, singing, whistling, hanging out with my chooks and dogs and yes of course my family – playing with my grandchildren, yarning with my children and hanging out with my husband. I love connecting with people and also take refuge in the bush / nature, so I enjoy the balance of both. 

To take a moment to dip into the MSC exercise of self-appreciation… courage, joyfulness, caring and gratitude are the qualities that come to mind. In response to the reflection of whom or what has help nurture these qualities in me, it would be life itself, both the challenges and the love that have come from my connections — most importantly with family — my mob. The courageous souls that take my groups and that MSC teachers that I work with are also my teachers. For this I give thanks.

Practicing MSC continues to deepen my understanding of the full picture of this being human. As my understanding grows, my tenderness to what I find grows. One in the same this nurturing and holding that I reside in with MSC.

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