Project Huruma: Supporting Kenyan Women and Children in Need

The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion would like to share with you the Project Hururma initiative (Huruma means compassion in Swahili) to respond to the needs of 300 Mt. Elgon women and children in Kenya, following a brutal attack by neighboring insurgents in March 2018. This project is organized by Lorraine Hobbs, Randolph Oudemans, Yaffa Maritz, Autumn Totton, and Lillian Muthu.

The team is seeking financial assistance through this crowdfunding event to sponsor a team of MSC and MSC-T (Mindful Self-Compassion for Teens- the teen version of MSC) teachers to go to Western Kenya this October (less than 2 months away). They will be delivering a 5-day retreat to guide and support affected families as they begin to turn toward their grief and suffering. Over the course of their few days together, these mothers and their children will learn the essential principles and practices of self-compassion and start developing the skills they so desperately need to recover from the tragic and traumatic events that they have been forced to endure. 

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