Setting Aside Your Teacher’s Hat: Join Peers in the Humbling Art of Exploring Practice Edges

By Aimee Eckhardt

CDP Creator and Communications Manager
Center for Mindful Self-Compassion
April 19, 2019


As an MSC teacher, you know that your embodiment of self-compassion is your single most powerful teaching tool. Your actions and the quality of your presence are at least as impactful as your words. Further, your embodiment of mindfulness gives rise to the wisdom and equanimity needed to respond skillfully to suffering in both your personal life and your teaching.

Yet it’s natural that there will still be areas where we struggle in our personal self-compassion practice.

Especially for those of us who were called to teaching because of our own difficulties with self-compassion, the nourishment that we receive by sharing MSC with participants is just one part of a longer personal healing path. And so an integral part of our work as teachers is continuing to be students! For these reasons, we’re offering a dedicated, teachers-only cohort of the 8-month Community for Deepening Practice course.

Starting this July, a small group of MSC teachers (all levels) will gather and explore their own practice edges and strengths with the guidance of experienced MSC Teacher Trainer and Teacher Mentor, Tina Gibson. Free of the expectations and pressure that come with wearing our “teacher hats,” we’ll discover that everyone’s teaching journeys are works in progress; and that we may not be as alone as we think in not “having it all together” as MSC Teachers — or as perfectly imperfect humans! We’ll also delight together in discovering where our strengths are getting stronger.

In the generous reflection and warm community of your peers, you’ll take eight months together to re-discover the MSC curriculum from the inside, out. Slowly and experientially, you’ll deepen your personal embodiment of the practice that you wish to teach. This results in a more mature understanding of self-compassion, plus greater integrity, capacity, confidence, and authenticity as a teacher.

Participants will:

  • Encounter new learning edges and strengths within the six domains of teaching MSC as they embark on a slow, deliberate unpacking of MSC from the inside, out;
  • Cultivate a more authentic teaching voice;
  • Explore the humble art of self-reflection and self-inquiry;
  • Receive expert encouragement and guidance; The CDP for MSC Teachers is facilitated by one of CMSC’s senior teachers, teacher trainer, and MSC teacher mentor, Tina Gibson.
  • Co-create a new community of peers — especially invaluable for teachers who may not have many peers currently in their network who share the unique language of MSC.
  • The small, group experience of the CDP is held in the same compassionate container and with the same guiding principles as we provide for our participants. From this holding space, participants build confidence in themselves and MSC.
  • Enjoy 24×7 connection with their peer group on the shared discussion community. In the safety of this private space, participants can share resources, pose questions, and learn from common struggles.

What the CDP for MSC Teachers is not:

  • A supervision, consultation, practicum, or mentoring requirement for MSC teachers, but it is strongly encouraged for any teacher who wishes to remove their “teacher’s hat” in the ease and spaciousness of a tight-knit community of peers;
  • Explicit teaching instruction; the focus during this course is on deepening personal practice. Greater teaching competency will naturally arise through this focused personal work.

Classes are currently in session. Please check back soon or contact Aimee Eckhardt for questions.

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