Policies for Hosting MSC Teacher Trainings

Over the years, CMSC has received a number of inquiries about MSC Teacher Training (TT). These inquiries have included: “How does one become a host for MSC Teacher Training?”, “How can I become an MSC Teacher Trainer?”, “Can I offer my own MSC Teacher Training in my country or region?” and related questions. In this context, we would like to share our policies on teacher training with all MSC teachers.

Hosting an MSC Teacher Training

CMSC takes seriously our role as the world’s authority on self-compassion training. The format, content and teaching team for each TT are critical to their effectiveness so CMSC maintains close oversight and control of these programs. CMSC is ultimately responsible for the reliability, consistency and fidelity to MSC of each and every teacher training. We partner with well-respected institutions like University of California (US), Arbor Seminare (Germany), Centre for Mindfulness Studies (Canada), Centrum voor Mindfulness (Netherlands and Europe) and several others to host and organize MSC teacher trainings. Our hosts sign a lengthy and detailed agreement with CMSC that outlines the duties and responsibilities of both hosts and CMSC, and we work collaboratively with our hosts to assure high quality training for all our trainees. CMSC assigns the teacher trainers to each event and monitors course evaluations to insure a positive learning experience for all.

CMSC does not grant exclusive teacher training rights to any organization in any particular region or country, but we do choose our hosts wisely. We are careful about scheduling TT’s based upon a global vision and to avoid scheduling conflicts with other TT hosts. Furthermore, we are always open to exploring new partnerships in geographic areas where there is a need for MSC teachers.

Becoming an MSC Teacher Trainer

We currently have a remarkable lineup of MSC teacher trainers and, since the demand for teacher training has leveled off for now, we have not needed to recruit new teacher trainers. We know that many of you are superb MSC teachers who may wish to become teacher trainers and clearly have the talent to do so. However, please understand that the opportunities are quite limited at this time. As MSC proliferates around the world, however, we hope and expect that a variety of different teaching modalities will open up. For example, you might be interested in contributing to the Circles of Practice, Live Online MSC, or do volunteer work for the Center for MSC. (If you have a particular skill, talent or knowledge that might be valuable to CMSC, please take a moment to complete our Volunteer Interest Form and let us know how you’d like to help.) For our part, we will continue to support you and your course participants to the best of our ability.

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