MSC Reaches Latin America / El programa MSC llega a AMERICA LATINA

Due to the pioneering work carried out by the first accredited MSC teachers in Argentina (Mariela de la Fuente), Uruguay (Paula Brandino), Mexico (Valentín Méndez) and Brazil (Caroline Bertolino), and with the support and mentoring of Marta Alonso (Spain), several 8-week courses, 5-day intensives, and introductory workshops have started in each of the countries mentioned in 2016 and 2017.

UK MSC Teachers’ Network Meeting

On Saturday September 16, 2017, twenty-five MSC teachers working in the UK met in London at the lovely Breast Cancer Haven and spent a wonderful day together sharing our hopes and fears and plans for MSC. We met with a shared vision of creating an MSC ‘sangha’ to nourish and support us as teachers and also a very real feeling of the importance of connection in this work which is so firmly rooted in our common humanity. We all appreciate how this sense of connection has been fostered throughout our training thanks in the beginning to the generosity of Chris and Kristin.

The Power of Wisdom and Compassion

I’ve noticed that when life gets really difficult – whether due to a natural disaster like the recent, devastating hurricanes and earthquakes, or due to more personal issues like the health crisis of a loved one or difficulty in our interpersonal relationships. We, humans, often react by going to extremes. On one end of the spectrum, we can fall into despair, becoming overwhelmed with pain and grief, unable to be present with things as they are. On the other end of the spectrum, we can bury our heads in the sand and push away any awareness of the suffering around us. Maybe we spend every waking hour at work, fixated on a project, or we drink or eat a little too much, or binge watch our favorite shows. Either extreme keeps us from being present with things as they are, just in different ways…

Exciting Updates on CMSC Retreat Development

We’re happy to introduce two new CMSC-sponsored silent retreats! Our MSC colleagues in the USA, David Spound and Beth Sternlieb, are working with us to plan a retreat in California in early 2018. Internationally, our wonderful MSC colleagues in Iceland are organizing a teacher lead retreat the first week of October 2018 at the base of the Snaefellsjokull glacier in magical Western Iceland. If you’re interested in contributing your thoughts and ideas to our burgeoning retreat program, please take a few moments to share on our survey.

Travel, Learn and Share MSC in Vietnam or Kenya in 2018:</br>$500 Fee Reduction Just Announced!

In an effort to bring MSC to places where the programs would not otherwise be available, we have just announced a deep discount of $500 (US) off the registration fee for our upcoming Intensives in Vietnam and Kenya. To further support this global outreach in countries with limited financial resources, the MSC teachers will not be accepting honorarium for their teachings. As an interested MSC teacher, you will also have the opportunity to engage in small groups for brainstorming, facilitating exchange in council practice, leading compassion practices in small settings to encourage professional exchange and networking among participants and learn from our host’s vast experience. Our aim is to ensure the greatest impact of this MSC training locally.

NEW MSC Teacher Guide and Handout Booklet now available

We’re proud to offer the updated English version of the MSC Teacher Guide (TG) and Handout Booklet (HB). While the basic content and structure of MSC has remained the same, this TG is 67 pages longer than the 2016 version because new information has been added. The new TG’s are based on feedback from teachers all over the world, and the Center for MSC does not make a profit from annual updates. Please click through to read a full list of changes.

How to complete your Teacher Profile

We appreciate hearing your feedback as you use these tools, so please feel free to contact Aimee Eckhardt at in case you need clarification or help making your entry. When submitting a help request, please be as detailed as possible for the most effective and timely support.

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