Self-Compassionate Parenting Through Addiction Recovery

by Catherine Polan Orzech
Mothers in recovery face the challenges as parents that others of us will never have to face. But they also face many of the same internal hurdles that bedevil all parents. We can learn from them, and with them, how learning to parent ourselves with mindfulness and compassion can help us engage with and recover from our own daily challenges in the amazing journey of being a parent.

MSC-T Teacher Training Comes to Australia

Teens often live in a world where they constantly feel under scrutiny. Every waking moment is filled with a sense that they are being watched, their flaws exposed as if under a microscope. They compare themselves to their peers and feel that they come up short. They feel inadequate, unworthy, and often consumed with shame. The feeling of emotional safety often eludes them.

Free Webinar: Recruiting Men for Your Self-Compassion Courses

As an MSC teacher, you have no doubt noticed that men tend to be a very small percentage of your classes. Learn more about the particular challenges most men face when considering and participating in MSC classes. This webinar will provide information about some of the underlying causes of this tendency as well as possible ways to engage men more effectively.

Privilege, Power and a Pair of Plastic Earrings: The Inner Capacity of Self-Compassion

Written by Dr. Steve Hickman
Her radiance, the lack of self-consciousness, the spirit of a Carioca (a resident of Rio) all shone through because she could embrace her true nature as a glorious, lively, perfectly imperfect human being who simply wants to be happy and free from suffering.

Zoom Consultation Sessions: More Than Just a Nice Idea

It has come to our attention that there are a number of people teaching MSC around the world who have never attended or completed the mandatory group Zoom consultation sessions required of all teachers to attain Trained Teacher Status. This rather alarming news has prompted CMSC to further state and clarify our policy about teaching MSC and the process for becoming a Trained Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion.

Why Women Need Fierce Self-Compassion

Written by Dr. Kristin Neff
In many ways the #MeToo movement can be seen as the collective arising of female yang. We are finally speaking up to protect ourselves, our sisters, our daughters and sons. Thank goodness. Women need to fully embrace and integrate both tender and fierce compassion if we are ever going to free ourselves from patriarchy.

Let’s stay connected

At CMSC, we would like to have the most accurate and up-to-date information on all our teachers so that we can keep in touch and target our communications more effectively. For example, we are currently missing a lot of teachers’ geographical locations and language preferences. If you provide this for us, we can send you information that is the most relevant and timely for you.

Who Am I NOT to Teach?

Who am I to teach MSC? I’ve no Masters in Mindfulness. I don’t hold a PhD in Self-Compassion. I am not a researcher, a clinician or a psychologist. I am no expert in this field. I cannot quote chapter and verse regarding the research of MSC and I cannot remember all the science behind all the benefits. Sometimes I can barely remember what day it is!

Well Adjusted?

As a zoom host and MSC Mentor, I often hear about how people are adjusting the MSC curriculum. I also field questions about when and how to decide to make an adjustment. While there are some adaptations that are important and skillful, beautiful actually, others seem to actually detract from the program. …

Meet the Mentor: Tina Gibson

Professional Biography: I am an experienced and passionate Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Mindfulness Teacher, having facilitated programs within the Education System (to both children and teachers), Cancer Support, Women’s Health…

How is a Retreat Like Rock Music?

Written by Dr. Kimberly Sogge
After an evening of soaking in Pink Floyd’s iconoclastic sound, I came away convinced that their legendary rock music is the perfect metaphor for the processes of transformation at work in the human psyche on a meditation retreat. If you are considering making an extended retreat part of your practice, consider the following and then, as my first zen teacher used to say “believe nothing I tell you; go, and find out for yourself”.

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